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Our mission

Our mission is to guide our customers towards autonomous processing with decisive & focused leadership coaching & hands-on advice.

Within IT projects we have noticed an increased need for change-management, organizational support and management coaching. Many IT projects suffer from “in-complete” project teamcapacity. Project teams where consultants find their counterparts not ready, not available or not up to the job. Assessing the root cause of projects 99% that go over budget and require more time than expected, it often comes down to ‘customer readiness’. In 95% of cases the customer and the customer teams are overwhelmed by what is actually required during the project, alongside their day to day jobs. They are not prepared enough and they lack support from within their own organization. 

Process modelling, thinking & decision making in regards to processes is difficult for key users, business process owners and core team members. This has an incredible impact on the delivery of the project and actual project outcome.  Mission.one operates on the customer side and takes a role in securing the customers responsibilities in ERP or transformation projects.

By engaging with our Partners, both parties can guarantee customers a smooth collaboration between all involved parties and a quicker ROI. By ensuring that the customer is prepared and has the support to be completely ready to enter a big transformation/ERP project, the benefits are clear for all parties involved. A partnership with Mission.One Advisory aim is:

1. Customer organization set up & ready to go.

2. Business benefits set out with Vendor.

3. Organization that is enabled to counterpart the vendor consulting team.

4. Better integration of executive board with the project team.

5. ‘On schedule’ project delivery, reduced rework and an improved communication.

6. Reduced cost of implementation and a quicker Return Of Investment.

7. More efficiency in Services supplier projects – and a quicker ‘return to happiness’.

8. Higher success rate and improved rating for project management.

Our Drive

Our approach is driven by market, business and organizational changes, both planned and unexpected. Our focus point is Information Technology, the heart of every business. We take care of business themes around Business & IT, People & IT, Future & IT.​ We aim for a Lifelong Partnership where we can share our passion and expertise with a ‘get IT done’ attitude.​ Our approach is supported by proven management methodologies and tailormade coaching.

A Good advice is worthless without a cause to solve!

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